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Middle age, mid-range male with US Midwestern roots. Informative, thoughtful, insightful, knowledgeable, voice of reason.

I Speak Geek

With nearly 30 years’ experience in business systems, I inform, instruct, and help people every day. Let me be the voice to help explain your complex processes. Get in touch with me today to start seeing results!

Professional Setup for Quality Results

Using professional-level microphone and interface in a sound-treated recording space.


You probably already have a budget in mind, so I’d be happy to discuss your project and your budget. Typically, I go by industry-standard rates.

If it needs to be a certain length, try reading it out loud while using a timer. Be realistic with regards to content and timing. If you can’t fit your reading into 30 seconds, I probably won’t be able to either 😊.

Spell out uncommon names, places, etc phonetically so I’ll know how to pronounce them. For example, do you want your web site address read as “dot org” or “dot O-R-G”?

Yes, just send me a sample of your script and I can produce a short demo. Please specify what kind of read and delivery you desire.

Yes, I strive to make sure the client is completely satisfied. If you need a minor tweak to the read or style of delivery, I can do that. If you want a retake because you’ve decided to change the script, then additional fees may apply. Of course, any mistakes I make would be corrected free of charge.

I can provide high quality, edited audio in WAV or MP3 format. For different formats, let’s discuss and I’ll see if I can make it happen.

Sending by email is typically the easiest. If that does not work for you or the file size is too large, I can also deliver via Dropbox, Google Drive, or secure FTP.

PayPal tends to be easy and convenient, and you can even get an account for free. I can also take a check or money order, if necessary.

Depending on script length and when I receive it, I can usually turnaround short reads in 24-48 hours. For longer scripts, such as eLearning modules, the delivery time may be a bit longer. For such projects, we can come to a mutually agreed upon delivery deadline.

No, I currently work independent of any union.

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